3 Ways Your Roof Can Save You Money:

3 Ways Your Roof Can Save You Money:


For most people, our roof isn’t something that crosses our mind unless it’s leaking. Did you know your roof can directly affect your energy costs? This means you may be spending too much to heat or cool your house because of your roof. It’s important to know what could be costing you money on electricity bill when getting a new roof or repairing your old one. If done wrong you could be looking at an electricity bill inflation that could have been avoided. This is what you need to know about how your roof could be saving or costing you money:

  1. Insulation

Insulation can be your number 1 energy saver. The insulation below your roof can be your first energy saver. Your insulation is in between your attic and your roof. If done wrong, your insulation could be costing you money rather than saving it. Insulation should reduce thermal transfer from the attic and the rest of the house by acting as a barrier. If your home has poor insulation, you don’t have to wait years until your next roof replacement to address the issue. Insulation can be replaced any time.


  1. Ventilation

Ventilation sounds like it would be counterproductive following insulation but it is just as important in keeping cooling cost down and increasing the lifespan of your roof. There are two types of vents installed in your home; intake vents and exhaust vents. Intake vents are installed in the lower areas of your roof. Exhaust vents are installed higher on your roof. When exhaust and intake vents work together, they create airflow circulation in your home’s attic. Without proper airflow circulation in your attic, hot air can build up and heat up your house. Properly installed vents do not allow this build up to occur which keeps your cooling costs down.


  1. Shingle Color

Do you know why football players wear the black colored strips under their eyes? This is because dark colors, like the color black, absorbs the sun making it easier for the football players to see without the glare of the sun. The same is true with the color of your shingles. If you choose solar reflecting colored shingles for your roof, it will lower the heat transfer from the sun to your attic. Solar reflecting colored shingles do not age as quickly as other shingles. Choosing the right shingle color can save you money on cooling and shingle or roof replacement costs.

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  1. I was surprised when you said that the color of a roof’s shingles will affect how it reflects the heat and light of the sun. My brother and his wife mentioned they want to have the roof of their single-family home replaced before summer to start saving money on energy. I’ll share this info so they can ask about color before moving forward with a roofing contractor for the replacement!

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