Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance and Repair

Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance and Repair

Whether you’re installing a new commercial roof or taking care of an existing system, commercial roof maintenance is important. We know that thinking long term about your commercial roof system can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and many people don’t even think about setting up a reliable maintenance program.

This page will break down types of roof maintenance, what a maintenance contract will provide and what you can expect from a contractor performing preventative maintenance on your facility.

At Top Roofco in Centennial, Colorado, we take pride in the new roofs we install and maintenance we provide for our customer’s and their commercial, industrial and manufacturing buildings. Our S.M.a.R.T (Service Maintenance and Repair with Top Roofco) program is available for new and existing roof systems.

Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance

Who Should Have Maintenance on Their Roof?

Everyone! Regardless of roof type or condition, whether or not West Roofing Systems installed it, we can provide maintenance and repair services to address all of a building owner’s roofing needs promptly.

At West Roofing Systems, we perform maintenance and repair for the following roof systems:

  • Metal
  • Single-Ply TPO
  • Single-Ply EPDM
  • Smooth BUR
  • Gravel BUR
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam

When Should Maintenance be Performed on a Commercial Roof?

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends maintenance and repair be performed at least twice a year. More importantly before and after severe weather seasons such as a winter in the Northern United States. These inspections are to clean the roof system of natural debris, clear all gutters and waterways, and assess vulnerable points in the roof system to ensure that there is no degradation that can leak in the future.

In addition to scheduled maintenance twice a year, it’s important to have a contractor inspect and perform needed repairs after severe weather such as high winds, hail, and severe storms. These inspections are to clear of any debris such as metal from HVAC units or other penetrations and ensure that there is no damage to the roof system, flashings, copings, and other units.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Contracts

Many material manufacturers have warranties that require a building owner to have inspections periodically, and maintenance performed regularly on their roofing systems.  A maintenance contract is an easy way for building owners and managers to ensure their commercial roof remains under warranty and in good condition while staying in their budget.

A maintenance contract between a building owner/manager and contractor to have ongoing maintenance performed over the roof system’s lifecycle. There are three main types of maintenance contract options:

  1. A contract that requires the contractors to visit the facility regularly for gutter and drain cleaning along with a visual inspection and report.
  2. A contract that requires gutter and drain cleaning, debris removal, along with a visual inspection, small general repairs, and a report.
  3.  A contract that requires gutter and drain cleaning, debris removal, along with a full inspection, medium general repairs, roof survey and a report.

A maintenance contract is a great way to keep your facility in good shape while holding your contractor accountable for the performance of their work.