Filing a Claim/ Adjuster Communication

Storm damage claims are different from other types of property damage claims. Storm damage results from an act of nature, meaning that you could have done nothing to prevent the damage. These type of claims are generally figured into your local area rate and so will be included in the cost of your premium regardless of whether you make a claim. These claims generally won’t affect your individual insurance rate.

You must call in your claim. The following is a list of things to communicate to your claims adjuster. We have found that clear and deliberate communication of these items by the homeowner will increase the odds your adjuster will approve your damage claim:

  • There was a hail and wind storm in your area
  • You believe the storm damaged your home
  • You contacted a contractor with your concerns
  • Your contractor confirmed you have storm damage
  • Your neighbors have had damage claims approved
  • You are concerned that your roof will leak
  • Let them know if your roof is currently leaking
  • Show them any interior and exterior leak damage
  • You believe the leaking is a result of storm damage
  • Let them know if you are planning to sell the home
  • Let them know if you are planning to install solar
  • Do not mention anything substandard about your roof, other than the fact that it has been damaged by a storm.

To get started, fill out the boxes to the right. Top Roofco looks forward to helping you through the claim process!