Insurance Job 6 Step Process

1. Complete Free Home Inspection

A trained inspector from Top Roofco will arrive at the scheduled time to complete a thorough roof and exterior inspection. If filing an insurance claim is needed, we will prepare you an estimate.

2. Meet with Insurance Adjuster

We will meet with your insurance company’s adjuster, and represent your best interests in the claim to ensure all damages are correctly documented and added to the scope of loss.

3. Secure Fair Insurance Settlement

Your adjuster will determine the estimated scope of the initial repairs. Initial Insurance estimates are often incomplete. If additional repairs are required we will negotiate for them on your behalf.

4. Restore your Property

We are a Licensed General Contractor, which means we can fix all your exterior damages, from start to finish. You will only have to work with one company, not six different contractors.

5. Complete and Close Claim

We will complete all of the final paperwork with your insurance and mortgage company. This will allow Top Roofco to bill for all additional items, so you will only be responsible for your deductible.

6. Customer Satisfaction Survey

We will send you a comprehensive satisfaction survey. We do not collect final payment until you have signed off and agreed you are fully satisfied with the completed work.

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