Our Customers are Happy

Eric Anderson, Longmont, CO Google Reviews

Top Roofco did my roof replacement, and they were able to get all of our windows covered in our claim. They upgraded all the windows to Andersen 100 Series windows at no cost. These windows are far nicer
than the widows we had.

These guys are very professional and, unlike other contractors we have used in the past, communication was very good.

The whole process with the claim took some time, but went exactly as they told us it would. Everything was completed right on schedule. I really can’t think of anything negative to say about Top Roofco, they exceeded our expectations at every step of the process

Ewelina Kedzierski, Centennial, CO Google Reviews

We have been doing business with Top Roofco for some time and will continue to hire them . Great quality, professional service, always on time . Highly recommended!

Brian Hogan, Denver, CO Google Reviews

My roof was old and had some wind damage. A Top Roofco rep came out and told me that there was a good chance that my insurance company would cover the roof replacement. Top Roofco negotiated with my insurance company, and got them to pay for full roof and gutter replacement, and to have the entire house painted. And I had no out-of-pocket expense. I had no idea that this was even possible. As soon as the insurance company settled, all the work was completed within two weeks, and was really top-notch. I highly recommend this company.

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