Solutions for Commercial Roof Drainage Problems

Solutions for Commercial Roof Drainage Problems

The weather of Colorado can be full of rain and snow. This can be damaging to roofs when not taken care of properly. As a commercial building owner, improper roof drainage can be an expensive and a pain. It’s important to know all your options to help make the right decision for your home’s roof.


Common solutions for commercial roof drainage problems

Internal Drains

Internal drains are installed under the surface of the roof. This is to catch unwanted water while filtering out sticks and debris. Internal drains can be effective in larger commercial buildings where collection of water often occurs in the middle. When placed near and around the center of the roof, internal drains help alleviate any drainage problem by helping the water move to the exterior of the building.

Gutter systems

Gutters are crucial to protecting and preserving your commercial building’s roof. Defective gutters or even not having gutters could be a source of the drainage problems on your commercial roof. Gutters remove water from the roof and move it away from the building. If your building has a gutter system and you are having drainage problems it’s important to check there is no blockages in the gutter system and that they are installed correctly. On the other hand, if your commercial building does not have a gutter system installed, call a professional like Top Roofco for an easy installation and see the difference they can make.


Scuppers work similar to the way gutter work. They are outlets that direct runoff away from the commercial building and are installed on the edge of the roof. Scuppers are most effective against heavy rain storms.


When investigating your commercial roof’s drainage problem, it is important to call in a professional as it can be tricky to find the cause and solution of improper drainage. Give Top Roofco a call to help with any of your roofing needs!

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