What to Expect During Roof Replacement

Before Roofing Day:
  • Prior to roof replacement, we will discuss the installation process and the project schedule with you.
  • Inclement weather may delay the roof replacement. We take extra precautions to ensure that your home is not exposed to the elements.
  • We will obtain a building permit and review all local building codes prior to construction and ensure that code guidelines and safety standards are followed.
  • We will need to use your driveway for materials delivery and to load debris during the roof replacement.
  • Materials required for your project will be delivered prior to roof replacement and may be stacked on your roof or on the ground.
  • The perimeter of your home will be tarped to protect it from roofing debris. Move grills, patio furniture and potted plants away from the perimeter.
  • Let us know if extra protection is needed for particular shrubs, plants, or trees.
  • Please move all loose items from shelving and walls such as pictures, mirrors, plates, figurines, etc. Nailing will create vibration that may shake these items free.
Day of Roofing:
  • Please move vehicles you need to use out of your garage and make sure there are no vehicles in your driveway the day of the roof replacement.
  • Your satellite dish will be detached during roof replacement. We will reattach it using the original holes. In the event you lose reception, you can contact your satellite provider to reestablish connection.
  • Occasionally power tools are needed for nailing, to replace decking or install vents, etc. Use of an outside power outlet is appreciated.
  • Be prepared for the noise associated with roof replacement. There will be constant hammering for the duration of the project. You may want to plan some time away from home while roof replacement is in progress.
  • Please keep kids and pets away from the work area.
After Roofing is Completed:
  • Nails that fall from the roof during the job will be picked up with a magnetic nail roller. Please be aware that a few hidden nails in the grass/shrubbery may remain.
  • We will walk the premises with you when the roof replacement project is complete and immediately address any questions or concerns you have.